A quick guide to snorkeling gear

A quick guide to snorkeling gear

To conquer the land is much easier for a man then to know the secrets of nature beneath the water. But with the period it’s get facilitated for the human to become a mermaid and discover life underwater, this is possible by the invention of snorkeling gear; which lends a hand to breathe in the depth of the oceans.

This gadget is very essential for the scuba divers, underwater sports like for underwater hockey, underwater rugby, also specially used by the rescue teams and by the researchers. it is very effective for those who are lousy at swimming and know only the basics of swimming. It requires minimum effort for diving and can be used by all kinds of ages from older to the kids.

Parts of gear:

The good  gear usually includes four parts

  • diving mask,
  • swim fins and
  • An L or j shaped tube has a mouthpiece at its end called a snorkel, which helps in breathing.
  • A storage bag

A wetsuit can also be worn in the cooler region of water. The face mask can be of full-face or only with goggles but now a day’s full-faced mask is in more demand.

Pros and cons of snorkeling


  • Snorkel help in quicker swimming.
  • Gear is valuable when you have to dive into a larger number of waves.
  • Snorkels are handy in any rescue condition.

A quick guide to snorkeling gear


  • You don’t need snorkel if you have to carry a gas cylinder
  • It has an entanglement risk in an area where there are more fishes and nets or in the kelp forest.
  • The snorkel can cause respiratory dead space(it is the volume of air that inhaled without involvement in gas exchange)

Points to be noted while purchasing a gear:

  1. Always try to buy a complete set rather go for the individual pieces, because it won’t match to each other and can cause hurdles in swimming
  2. A set has a budgetary range and skill full.
  3. Don’t go for the too low cost because it may get fog up, high pressure of water waves may crack the mask result in its leakage.
  4. Mask should be fit on the face.
  5. Choose that gear that has a good ability to flex of fins.

Best snorkel sets available in town:

Snorkels have a lot of variety in shape and style as there is an increase in the interest of people in underwater diving, so the evolution is coming in the sets too rapidly. Here are the few known brands of snorkeling gear:

  • Cressi Palau mask fin set
  • Seavenger voyager snorkeling set
  • US diver lux Platinium
  • Seavenger junior
  • Promate snorkeling set(for beginners)

So, through these gears, you can enjoy life underwater and witness the beauty of nature and explore the ocean in a new way.