When Hair Loss is Normal and When to worry about it

When Hair Loss is Normal and When to worry about it

Hair loss is a sensitive issue for both men and women, since no one wants to live their life without hair. However, it is important to know what is normal and what to worry about when you lose hair. You might want to know what the average hair loss per day is or what diet you should follow to reduce hair loss. It is also helpful to know when to worry about hair loss and what causes them to lose their lives. Each of these things will help you determine what should bother you.

When Hair Loss is Normal and When to worry about it


Because of many things, you lose your hair daily; however, it is good to know that some extra hair on your pillow can be caused by something other than hair loss. For example, sudden weight loss or childbirth can cause severe hair loss due to the stress you put on your body. Stress is another important factor in hair loss and diseases such as high fever.

Hair loss

It is normal to go through the normal causes of hair loss and shed excess hair. This does not mean that you are balding or losing too much hair. Your body simply reacts to various conditions that are beyond what is absolutely normal, and it will finally stop as soon as your body adjusts. Such things will cause your hair to fall out, but in fact you will not lose them, because you will not lose enough to achieve this kind of significant change, and over time they will be completed.

Real hair loss

If you really lose your hair, it will be caused by genetics, your immune system, drugs, aggressive products, any physical effect on your hair. Each of them can cause significant alopecia and leave it with bald spots that return long or will not grow back. Losing your hair can be somewhat damaging, and although some of these things can be reversible as medications and diseases, the genetic loss of your hair is permanent unless you use one of the many treatments or products for hair growth in the market.


If you have experienced hair loss or are losing excess hair and are worried, ask questions in the comments and share your experience here. For those who have experienced hair loss and found ways to stimulate new growth and stop the process of hair loss, we would like to know how you did it. Many people regularly come across such things and notice that their hair falls on a pillow, brush and shower.

Stress vs Anxiety: A (Very) Short Story

Stress vs Anxiety: A (Very) Short Story

Alternative remedies like CBD oil have been the new rave, especially for those who experience anxiety or chronic stress. They claim that with its use, the symptoms can be mitigated. A compound that is derived from cannabis plants, Cannabidiol (CBD) has given new solutions for those who suffer from anxiety or any other chronic illness. Individuals claim that they feel calm after having CBD oil and it has done a great deal for their physical and mental health.

However, when you think about stress and anxiety, you must know that they are not the same thing. That is, various products of CBD could be more effective than the other, depending on the symptoms.

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

When talking about stress, it means there is an external force. Usually, it’s a trigger that gives people the chance to become concerned. More often than not, the feelings of stress are short-lived, as they tend to go away once the trigger is gone. However, long-term stress is also possible if there is a mental or emotional strain.

Anxiety, on the other hand, means there is a feeling of overindulgent worry or existential dread that is caused by an internal force. Although the external stressor is long gone, the anxiety continues to stay, which overpowers the person even when the threat is no longer reasonable.

Marijuana Dispensary In CaliforniaCBD Oil for Stress vs. CBD Oil for Anxiety

Since stress is more unpredictable than anxiety, those who take CBD oil take it as soon as they feel themselves bubbling up, and soon after, they feel the stress subsiding.

When it comes to anxiety, users take them regularly, making sure they have a consistent dose to ensure they do not have an attack. Although, it could also be helpful if experimentations are done in order to figure out what kind of method works best for you.

In addition, yes, cannabis can get you “high,” but CBD doesn’t have Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC,) which is one of the compounds that can get you that “high” feeling that you don’t want.

If you are ever in need of some CBD Oil, go to your nearest Marijuana Dispensary In California, and if you ever need to learn more, they will give you all the information that you want and need.

It should be noted, however, that there are also other alternatives to alleviate stress and anxiety. It isup to you to figure out which works better for you. Whether it’s yoga, reading a book, or taking some CBD oil, if it works for you, then keep doing it and be healthy.