How to find the stronger enough residential garage doors through online?

How to find the stronger enough residential garage doors through online?

When you have installed a garage in your house, you should need to pick the best choice of residential garage door from the top rated manufacturer. In Canada, Richards Wilcox Company is one of the top rated and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of the various types of garage doors in higher quality. As it is one of the reputed residential garage doors companies, it always offers the most efficient and strongest door systems in the world.

Why choosing Richards Wilcox?

This leading company actually provides a complete range of styles which will make your home look great and beautiful for several years to come. They offer carriage house, contemporary and traditional styles of garage doors with the most important feature which is R-W’s landmark series of Neufoam polyurethane insulation for all doors.


Whenever the house owners are considering the traditional garage door, they usually feature up to 9 panel systems along with 13 color options. The traditional garage door panel styles include,

  • Recessed grooved ranch
  • Raised ranch raised colonial
  • Windemere
  • Recessed grooved colonial
  • Recessed smooth & mixed panel

The contemporary garage doors allow for the personalized window replacement. They are really modern looking garage doors with the neufoam polyurethane insulation.

The carriage house garage doors will give you the rural feel which may look great on any country house. All these models feature the best environmental friendly benefits as they are coming with the R-W landmark doors.

What are all the new technologies used in garage doors?

Whether you are choosing any type of garage, both of them offer more than just storage and parking. They are highly dedicated space into the workshop which is really a great solution. You can also use it as your craft room or arts room, kid’s playroom, family game room, or the teen hangout. The most effective technologies used in the doors manufactured in these residential garage doors companies are Neufoam, weather lock system, TruBalance drum system, and standard hardware & standard hardware plus. Neufoam is used in these doors to achieve the greater stability and highest thermal values. When it comes to the TruBalance Drum System, it gives the garage doors which are built with the heavy weighted glazed top section with 87 % better balance than the industry standard. Weather lock system feature is actually an exclusive feature with dual contact aluminium retainer, arctic grade blub shaped bottom seal, and dual fin triple contact weather seal.