How to obtain a healthy hair with Boar Bristle Hair brushes

How to obtain a healthy hair with Boar Bristle Hair brushes

A natural boar bristle hairbrush is suitable for your hair, mainly if you’ve used it appropriately. Even though they seem too expensive compared to those cheap hair plastic brush, you may find yourself using fake boar bristle brush product that closely resembles the original one.

The function of a boar bristle brush

The purpose of the bristle hairbrush is to polish clean and condition your hair. It is designed with tiny scales that are tightly packed to assist in attracting dust, scalp flakes and remove the impurities with every stroke. Bristle hairbrush also is designed with a feature that pulls the sebum, which is an oily substance produced in a scalp.

Boar Bristle brush actions also enable the sebum to perform its function by offering a shiny and protective barrier on your hair to result in a healthy fewer, and shiny split ends. Another importance of sebum function to waterproof, protect the hair, and to keep it brittle and dry. Sebum acts as a natural hair conditioner of a hair.

How to use Boar bristle

When you’re are using boar bristle on your hair, always make sure that you are starting on the scalp, pulling the brush thoroughly across your hair tip. Apply a similar process on the entire head, while making sure that every stroke goes from a scalp to a hair’s tip.

Boar Bristle Hair brushes

It is advisable whenever you’re choosing a hairbrush; you should always select the one that suits the nature and type of your hair. The club is a flat, wide hairbrush that often known as a club that straightens and smoothens curly or thick hair.

Taking care of the hairbrush

Regardless of any boar brush you’re using; it is essential to take good care of the hairbrush. Maintaining and cleaning the hairbrush will make it last longer. Use the hairbrush cleaning tool to remove the hair buildup on the boar bristle brush.

Soak the boar bristle in the shallow pan warm water with shampoo solution to remove the excess oils. When you’re using a wooden boar bristle, you should soak the boar bristle since the excessive water contact can ruin the wooden brush with time.


Once you’ve decided to use quality and natural boar bristle brush, you will start imagining how you can survive without it. It is a natural feeling to have a boar bristle brush on your hair, so find a suitable one for your hair.