Insulation of the attic and floors

Insulation of the attic and floors

Proper and competent attic insulation can reduce heat loss at home by up to 40%. Most of the heat escapes through the roof since warm air is lighter and always tends to rise. Therefore, it is very important to insulate the attic insulation brampton and floors, to reduce heat loss and, accordingly, save on heating, the importance of insulating the attic floor is confirmed by the fact that the requirements for the heat resistance coefficient. These days in construction, the most common are floors made of slabs and beams, which are laid on load-bearing columns or walls.

The advantages of this insulation

Thermoregulation  – has the property of thermoregulation, in a hot climate it gives a feeling of coolness, in winter, on the contrary, a heater will give warmth and comfort.

Hypoallergenic  – linen products are recommended for allergy sufferers since linen by its nature is not an allergen.

Antistatic  – help reduce static electricity in the room.

Antiseptic  – preventing the development of microorganisms, resistant to mould and decay, and even in wet linen – bacteria do not breed

Hygroscopicity  – the insulation perfectly absorbs and gives off moisture, which does not linger anywhere, and at the same time retains its thermal insulation properties.

Immunostimulant  – flax improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on brain activity, and is widely used in traditional medicine.

Durability  – linen is one of the most durable natural materials that does not lose its properties over the centuries.

High soundproofing properties  – sound absorption coefficient: low-frequency-0.4, medium-frequency-1.0, high-frequency-0.96. The soundproofing performance of a few heaters is 30% higher than that of mineral wool.

Environmental safety  – linen insulation does not contain phenol-formaldehyde compounds. It does not contain hazardous chemicals or adhesives and, unlike mineral wool, is not a source of harmful dust.

When insulating the attic floor, it is important to provide ventilation for the under-roof cold space. Ventilation is needed to remove excess moisture and prevent condensation, including during sudden temperature changes. Ventilation is arranged through special dormer windows in the gables; ventilation windows in the roof, cornice overhangs and ridge can also be used for this purpose.

Proper insulation of roofing at home with high-quality thermal insulation materials will not only significantly save energy, but will also play a role in increasing the durability of structures. The use of basalt insulation under the company’s trademark is not only highly effective but also safe from the point of view of their incombustibility and environmental friendliness.