Reasons to Upgrade to Professional Amazon Seller Account

Reasons to Upgrade to Professional Amazon Seller Account

You will be incredibly driven to list as many products as possible when you consider the savings and added benefits of the pro account. Because your additional costs decrease as you sell more. Even if you sell 500 items, you will be charged the same fee. Selling 40 items each month is all it takes to break even on the professional seller charge, and everything else is a bonus. The orders are starting to come in, which is quite exciting. You can immediately see how the Amazon marketplace could become a substantial cash generator after only a few weeks of experimentation. You’ve most likely received many emails from Amazon asking you to upgrade to a Professional seller account by now and buy some amazon accounts.

Should you upgrade?

The following are four compelling reasons to upgrade to a professional seller account.

0.99 dollar per item fee will waived.

One of the most prevalent reasons for upgrading to a Pro selling account is simple math. You may be concerned about the price increase Amazon Professional seller’s costs plans are 39.99 dollars a month plus additional selling fees, but it just makes more sense for many businesses. If you offer seasonal things, you may want to add it up for the entire year to buy some amazon accounts.

Selling Categories are Open to You

Sellers can offer their items in over 20 different categories. Professional sellers can apply to sell in a variety of other locations. Professional selling plans are presently required in the following categories:

  • Automobiles and Powersports
  • Coins that are worth collecting
  • Collectibles from the Entertainment Industry
  • Artwork of high quality
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Blu-ray, DVD, and Video
  • Watches

You’ll be able to participate in these categories at the very least if you upgrade to Pro rank.

Review management and feedback

Professional sellers also get access to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API, which can help your eCommerce firm save time and money.

Perhaps you’ve been pondering why your competitors seem to have so much of it. The Feedback service, which automates the solicitation, tracking, and reporting of your Amazon seller reputation, is undoubtedly being used by your competitors.

Inventory management and listing

Your Amazon selling plan level has an impact on more than just feedback. Upgrading to a Professional level can streamline many other mission-critical areas of your Amazon workflow.

Third-party FBA replenishment systems are only available on the Professional selling plan when it comes to inventory management.