What Are the Ways to Get Canadian Permanent Residence?

What Are the Ways to Get Canadian Permanent Residence?

With the world’s economy on the brink of a recession, immigration has become stricter and more complex. With the extension of visas restricted in many first-world countries, many lawsuits regarding immigration are filed. Canadian immigration lawyers in Calgary, Alberta, are here to help you with the issues, and they will clear you.

Canadian Immigration Policy

Canada has welcomed immigrants and boasts a large population, almost one-fifth of its population. Canada as a country has embraced multiculturism and has opened the gates for refugees. Immigration plays a vital role in the country’s economy, with many immigrants making it to the workforce and adding to the nation’s human resources. With countries like the USA making more strict policies, Canada has become the choice for many immigrants worldwide. Though the Canadians feel the immigration rates as high, with the low fertility rates and an aging native population, Canada is still in shortage of laborers. Canada has also attracted illegal immigrants.

There are four ways under which Canada admits new Residents

  • Economic stream as a workforce
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Protected persons and Refugees
  • Humanitarian Grounds


As specified earlier, with a significantly less native population, Canada depends on immigrants for its workforce and economic growth. It would help if you were a young candidate with a lucrative job offer and high levels of education, experience, and proficiency in English and French. It works on a point-based system, and the applicants with high scores could get permanent residency. You can get your answers within six months.

Family Sponsor

This includes people working in Canada whose family members like spouses, children, and dependent parents can join them. The working professional should have a legal permanent residency. Canada is open to same-sex marriages and also long-standing unmarried relationships.


They are the top refugee resettler country in the world. They have permitted almost twenty-eight thousand displaced people in 2018 alone. There are two kinds of refugee indications- one is government-assisted, while the other is privately sponsored by humanitarian and NGOs.


Canada also accepts immigrants on special humanitarian requests. Medical emergencies, political climate back home, etc., might be considered reasons for such an arrangement.


Canada has always been a paradise for immigrants as they welcome with open arms. Immigrants are the only way for Canada to attain its social and economic goals as a country with a tiny population and an aging crowd. Canada has a policy of multiculturism and accepts immigrants under four main categories. That’s all about the Canadian immigration lawyers.